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Starting strong careers with apprenticeships

A world without chemicals would look very different indeed. That’s why it’s so important to find and reward talented people taking their first steps on a career in our industry.

At our Cassel Site in Billingham, UK, we’ve been regularly bringing production apprentices on board for the best part of twenty years and, in that time, we’ve seen our apprentices embark on successful careers both with us and in the wider industry.

Quinn Hoban and Nathan Burdon are the latest apprentices to follow this well-walked path. They joined the Cassel Site team in 2018 as Science Manufacturing Technician apprentices, completed their program in 2020 and have now hit the ground running in their new Production Technician roles.

“The apprenticeship route gave me hands-on experience for the job I am now doing. No other training could have given me a better start to my career,” says Quinn. “The support was great. Most of the operators training me had come through as apprentices at Cassel site themselves, some with over 40 years’ of experience on the site, so they help you along as others helped them.

“It felt very natural moving into the Production Technician position as the two years’ of training had made me ready to take on the role effectively. I don’t think there is a better way to get into a career or trade than through an apprenticeship.”

Pictured: Cassel site’s Quinn Hoban.

It’s a journey Chris McMorris, Cassel Site Operating Manager, has overseen for many years:

“The Production Technician apprenticeship programme has provided much needed resource for Cassel’s operations team over the years. We have recruited apprentices directly from schools, technical colleges and the Armed Forces. This has provided the organisation with a wide range of skills and experience. All of our former apprentices continue to develop their skills with a number already moving into line manager roles. Quinn and Nathan are just beginning their careers as Production Technicians. They have gained the skills to carry out key plant roles and we will continue to support their development.”

Making sure our people can always learn and develop

Apprenticeships aren’t just a route into industry. For some of our existing employees, apprenticeships are also the perfect way to offer further development opportunities which will help take their careers to the next level. We’ve enrolled people onto degree apprenticeships in a range of disciplines, including digital technology, engineering and senior leadership.

Our apprenticeship steering group is always exploring how we can use apprenticeships to help even more people grow. This fantastic method of learning will serve the chemical industry and its people well for many, many years.