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Colour Bar FOREST

Imagine what products perfected over 80 years could do to meet your needs.

Diakon® and Acrypet™ PMMA

Diakon® and Acrypet™ PMMA are staple materials in applications such as medical diagnostics, cosmetic packaging, light management, home appliances and a range of automotive parts including lighting and high gloss trim.

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Unique combination of aesthetics and high-performance qualities.

SHINKOLITE™ is a high quality acrylic sheet that combines unique aesthetics with exceptional performance characteristics making it one of the most versatile and design-friendly material solutions for a growing number of diverse applications.

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We supply Methacrylates to our specialised resin manufacturing partners within Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

Our business have over 75 years’ experience collaborating with customers in sectors that include dental, medical, coatings, inks and adhesives, casting and embedments, porous moulds, and glass interleavants, where they rely on the very highest quality raw materials for the best-performing end products.

To learn more about how specialty resins based on our Methacrylates can help your business, visit:

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