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We own all three MMA technologies. Joining the long-established ACH and C4 routes, Alpha uses readily available raw materials – ethylene, methanol and carbon monoxide, helping us significantly improve our efficiencies and remove constraints on plant size and location.

This exciting position means we can readily support our customers as we satisfy the growing demand for acrylics.

Transforming MMA production with Alpha

We continue to invest in Alpha technology and explore its huge potential. The latest Alpha plant is the largest ever built at 250kte capacity. Located in Saudi Arabia, it’s operated by The Saudi Methacrylates Company, a joint venture of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). And we’re excited about the next, even larger capacity Alpha technology site currently under feasibility study in the USA.

Mitsubishi Chemical Methacrylates
Hitoshi Sasaki

Hitoshi Sasaki

“Our project to build and operate a 350kte Alpha plant in the US takes advantage of the favorable feedstock position. This asset, which will be fully owned and operated by Mitsubishi Chemical, strengthens our global leadership in the MMA merchant market and demonstrates our commitment to continue providing reliable and competitive supply to our customers in the US and in all regions of the world.”