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Making acrylic fully recyclable, fully sustainable and fully circular.

We’re working hard to achieve the world’s first circular acrylic, in line with our KAITEKI philosophy where we focus on the sustainable wellbeing of people, society and our planet Earth.

As the world’s leading producer of MMA with a history of pioneering with acrylic, our game-changing project aims to make this amazing material fully recyclable, fully sustainable and fully circular.

So, how will this work?

We’re using a process called molecular recycling, which simply means acrylic (PMMA) will be broken down to its original MMA building blocks. This virgin-quality MMA can then be reused to create brand new acrylic, over and over again.

The technology to do this comes from our US-based partners, Agilyx, who have already helped the polystyrene industry develop a similar process. The next step is purification, which we will manage using the experience we’ve gathered over 25 years with our existing processes.

We’re currently working towards opening our first recycling plant in Europe. It will take in used acrylic and give it a new life.