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New Year Message from President and CEO, Jean-Marc Gilson

The Noto Peninsula Earthquake on January 1 has resulted in significant devastation, particularly in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture. We extend our deepest sympathies to our employees, their families and relatives, and all those who have been affected by the earthquake. Our thoughts are with each individual facing difficulties during this trying time.

We also want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in the ongoing recovery efforts. We pray for everyone’s safety and the earliest possible recovery of the affected areas. Together, we can overcome this difficulty, drawing strength from our unity as a group.


One area that is dear to all of us is safety. Safety is somewhat similar to quality – we strive for perfection, but it is a never-ending challenge. I would like to ask all colleagues to redouble your efforts to ensure the health and safety of your workplaces and teams. if you see anything that causes you concern, please speak up so we can address the issue immediately. A safe and fully compliant workplace comes out of a culture of mutual respect, caring, and openness. That is the formula for making the MCG Group a great place to work for all colleagues.

Transformation & Competitiveness

If we look at our level of competitiveness in the industry, despite a severe business environment, I believe we are very well positioned. Our “Forging the future” management strategy, now two years in the making, is taking hold. As we transform our business and ourselves, bravery is required to take bold new steps. We have accelerated group-wide transformation over the past year. Over the past year, we have accelerated group-wide transformation, including creating a more agile and simplified organization and digitizing key functions such as HR and Finance. In addition, we are developing a more global and market-facing approach and embracing a market-facing mindset across the entire organization. A market-facing mindset will allow us to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing industry. These transformative changes that we are already implementing allow us to be more competitive as a result.

Portrait headshot of Jean-Marc Gilson


Sustainability is essential in the pursuit of KAITEKI, the well-being of people and the planet. The environment is at the top of the global agenda, and collaboration is the name of the game. We are on track to reduce GHG emissions and are confident that we can achieve our commitment to reduce those levels to 30% by 2030 compared to 2019. Sustainable growth is about providing products and solutions that a modern society depends on, while continuously working towards carbon neutrality and a circular economy.

Our Way

Our Way, which was formulated last year, is an attitude that all members of our Group should cherish and helps guide our daily actions towards our purpose. It is worth reminding ourselves of the five criteria – integrity, respect, bravery, collaboration and persistence – that make up Our Way. And the key take-away here is that Our Way can be seen as a tool kit for success. I’m looking forward to hearing how all of you are integrating Our Way into your own work.

CEO Change

As announced last December 22, I will be stepping down from my current position at the end of March. I am genuinely proud of the collaborative efforts we have put into ‘Forging the future,’ and in fact the transformation efforts are bearing fruit in terms of performance. Our stakeholders including customers also support us.

I am confident that under the new CEO’s capable leadership, our businesses will continue to grow based on the solid foundations we have built up to date, thereby ensuring enhancement of our corporate value. Despite the changes in leadership, our purpose and core values will remain steadfast.

It is a little early to say, but working with all of you for the MCG Group has been a tremendous pleasure and honor. I am grateful for the collective achievements we have realized for the company. As the current CEO, I am committed to facilitating a seamless transition until the end of March and will be a No.1 supporter of the MCG Group starting from April onwards. Let us embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and together, let’s make 2024 an unforgettable and proud year for our organization.