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Zheng Hubiao

Production Operator

Huizhou, China

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Zheng Hubiao

How long have you worked for the company?
I joined the company after graduating from university in 2008.

Describe working here in three words
Confidence, innovation and security.

What does your role involve day-to-day?
I’m responsible for the centralized management and control of the operation status of the whole plant process equipment, to ensure safe production, energy saving and consumption reduction.

What has your training and development been like?
There is monthly training for staff, including topics like process, equipment, safety and compliance. We also arrange external professional training, constantly improving our professional skills and comprehensive ability.
I am also working hard to get the title of intermediate engineer and strive to achieve that goal in 2022.

How would you describe the environment and culture?
The company focuses on innovation and encourages employees to improve. The quality of the products is very high and the working environment in the workshop is clean and safe. The company feels like a big family to me. Every year, we arrange for employees to travel and hold family days. The relationship between colleagues is also good and we often do outdoor activities together, such as ball games, bike riding, mountain climbing and swimming.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
A competitive income and good vacations for work/life balance.

What advice would you give somebody applying to work here?
If you can be determined and persistent, you will create miracles.