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John (Jay) Everitt

Senior Financial Analyst

(Memphis, TN, USA)

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John Jay Everitt

How long have you worked for the company?
Since April 2020.

Describe working here in three words.
Very fast paced.

What does your role involve day-to-day?
My role helps the business understand the financials and make decisions based on the forecasted financials my role provides.

What has your training and development been like?
The first few months were spent getting to know the business. Since then, I’ve have been focused on moving the ball forward; making things simpler, easier, faster, and more accurate to help the business in making decisions.

How would you describe the environment and culture?
The environment is very team oriented. Everyone works together to collectively achieve a goal.  

What do you enjoy most about working here?
The environment is what I’d say I most enjoy. Collectively winning and sharing in the spotlight, while on the flipside, trying to understand what caused a loss and help to prevent it from happening again are very enjoyable.

What advice would you give somebody applying to work here?
I’d advise someone to get to get to know the business as quickly as possible. Understanding the chemical market and the drivers of it are imperative for any candidate to be successful in the company.