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Huang Mei

HR Supervisor, Secretary to President

Huizhou, China

Colour Bar ORANGE
Huanh Ying

How long have you worked for the company?
Since 2007.

Describe working here in three words
Safe, harmonious, motivated.

What does your role involve day-to-day?
I am mainly responsible for recruitment, salary calculation, HR system operation and maintenance, employee relations co-ordination; Labor Union work and secretary work.

What has your training and development been like?
I have received training on labor laws and regulations, recruitment and resignation management to improve my knowledge and skills. Meanwhile, I have experience working in both the General Affairs Section and Human Resource Section to develop my career. I’ve really learned a lot from different roles.

How would you describe the environment and culture?
Colleagues are co-operative and communicate frequently. The company provides opportunities and encourages employees to develop further. Everyone makes great efforts for “KAITEKI Value for Tomorrow”.

What do you enjoy most about working here?
I feel happy when I achieve targets with teamwork and get recognition from leaders.

What advice would you give somebody applying to work here?
Mitsubishi Chemical Methacrylates is a competitive, open and attractive company. There are various opportunities and great importance is always given to compliance, safety, health, and self-development.